Brian Braxton

Loan Factory

Phone: (240) 731-6380

Licensed state: North Carolina, Florida, Maryland, Maine, Virginia, Vermont

About me

I have years of experience providing outstanding service to clients. I have had the opportunity to provide my services to clients previously as a realtor, life insurance agent and currently as a loan officer. I really enjoy helping meet the needs of my clients. I understand the real estate and mortgage loan process and will guide you through the process. My goal is to help you find the mortgage that is right for your real estate purchase, whether it be owner-occupied or investment property. I realize everyone's needs and circumstances are different when it comes to getting a mortgage and this is the reason I decided to work with a mortgage broker. Working with a broker provides me with an opportunity to search our various lenders and programs to get the rate and loan that will work for you! At Loan Factory we DARE YOU TO COMPARE our rates! I look forward to the opportunity to work with you! Thanks for the chance to be of service!

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