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LoanFactory Acquires Arizona-based Vertex Home Loans LLC, Led by Kiran Vedantam

Thuan Nguyen  7-MINUTE READ  July 16, 2023



San Jose, CA - LoanFactory is pleased to announce the acquisition of Vertex Home Loans LLC, a prominent Arizona-based brokerage operating under the name MyLoanGauge.com. Founded and led by industry veteran Kiran Vedantam, Vertex Home Loans LLC specializes in providing purchase and refinance mortgage options to homebuyers in Arizona.

This strategic acquisition is a testament to LoanFactory's commitment to acquiring industry leaders and expanding its reach in the mortgage market. Kiran Vedantam's extensive experience and expertise in the mortgage and real estate industry will bring valuable knowledge to LoanFactory and further strengthen its position as a leading provider of mortgage solutions.

When asked about his decision to join LoanFactory, Kiran Vedantam expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "We have been utilizing Thuan's Moso platform and have been impressed with the efficiencies it offers. We take pride in delivering the best rates to our customers.  The technology where customers can create dynamic rate alerts and self-monitor the changing mortgage rate environment, without waiting for a person to offer a rate quote is a game changer.  By joining forces with Thuan Nguyen, we can provide the utmost value to our customers. His vision aligns perfectly with ours."

Thuan Nguyen, President and CEO of LoanFactory, expressed his excitement about the collaboration with Kiran Vedantam and his team, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Kiran Vedantam, a renowned figure in the mortgage and real estate industry, to LoanFactory. His vast industry knowledge, expertise and influence will greatly benefit not only homebuyers in Arizona but also clients across the country. Kiran is an industry veteran and a savvy business owner, and we are excited to leverage his expertise to deliver outstanding mortgage solutions."

LoanFactory is confident that Kiran Vedantam's profound industry knowledge and unwavering dedication will significantly contribute to the organization's mission of providing exceptional mortgage solutions to valued clients.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact Kiran Vedantam at 602 550 4842 / Thuan Nguyen at (714) 444-9999

About LoanFactory: LoanFactory is a leading provider of mortgage solutions, committed to delivering exceptional service and value to clients. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, LoanFactory aims to simplify the mortgage process and empower individuals to achieve their homeownership goals.

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