Way Yue

Loan Factory

Phone: (310) 989-5086

Licensed state: Oregon, California


About me

My name is Way and I'm delighted to meet you. I have been in the mortgage industry for several years with over a thousand loans funded and previously closed 30+ loans per month with my top month closing almost 100 loans. I started as a loan originator, worked my way up to branch manager and now I'm a broker proudly working with Loan Factory to get you the most beneficial mortgage funding available. The reason I've been able to close so many loans is because I have been able to deliver the best mortgage options with the most benefits and lowest costs for my clients. My pet peeve is when a borrower is taken advantage of by a lender which is why I make sure my clients have all the details and options so they can make an informed decision for the best outcome for themselves and their family. I help my clients get the best possible mortgage for their situation because they trust me with a decision that stays with them for years and even decades. I appreciate your time and I can't wait to work with you.

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