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About me

My name is Tibor Benke, you can call me TB, that is the short for Tibor and my initials too. I was born in 1971, in Hungary, if you need firsthand stories how communism operates, just ask me ☹ After Hungary and before Florida, I spent almost 7 years in the Dominican Republic, mainly in Punta Cana. That Caribbean period was supposed to serve as a COC (Change of Circumstances) in order to save the marriage with my ex-wife. COC doesn’t always work well, changing the place didn’t work out. Now I am happily married to my wife, Ildiko, for almost 9 years. I graduated as an Information Technology engineer, although I never worked for any IT company, I still use the knowledge on daily basis.

I have been entrepreneur in all my adult life, had a: - floral accessories supply production company, a jewelry engraving shop, a public playground equipment factory, playground construction business, licensed playground safety expert, had a hand made chocolate shop, interactive floor projection advertisement business, and I built the Code To Escape real life escape game rooms. I speak Hungarian, Spanish and English and a bit of Polish. Visited 27 countries, and still counting.

When it is about finding the best loan options, we must understand, every customer is different, a unique individual with unique circumstances. Loans won’t work like one size fits all. My extended spectrum of experience is an extraordinary tool to find the best fitting loan for each customer. I am more than happy to spend time with my potential borrowers understanding their story and goal, so I can serve them the best possible way.

Fun facts about me: Once I was buried alive. It was in Kagoshima, Japan, there is an active volcano there and it’s a kind of tourist attraction to be buried in the still warm ash and sand.

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