Suzi Lee McMullen

Loan Factory

Phone: (816) 812-8263

Licensed state: Missouri, Kansas

About me

From Homemaker to Mortgage Maker:

     In 1985 I started working at a commercial mortgage bank as a filing clerk. I started taking classes and wanted to work up to becoming a loan officer. My plans were put on hold when we had our 2nd child. I started an in-home childcare business, open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In the 90s I became a real estate agent. Due to the demands of family and childcare business, once again put my plans on hold. In the early 2000s I watched our oldest children graduate and start their careers, and I helped with grandchildren for another 10+ years. But then 2020 came around and Covid hit. When most people were mandated to stay home, the daycare business suffered. My mother took over in my absence and I started closing mortgage loans in people’s houses as a Mobile Notary. I had no idea how big this would become! 3100 signings later, I’m still going strong. I have had the privilege of meeting people in 2 states, traveling to 928 distinct communities, and even met a few famous people. While working indirectly for title companies and lenders the last 4 years, I remembered my original goal of becoming a loan officer.  I've always known that I would get back to it someday.

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