Simran Patel

Loan Factory

Phone: (832) 692-7540

Licensed state: Texas, Florida, California

About me

Meet Simran Patel and Neil Patel, your real estate and mortgage power duo! 🏡💰 As expert realtors and mortgage pros, we've got the keys to help you snag the perfect home and ace that loan game. No overpaying or leaving money on the table - just smooth sailing through your dream home journey.

A mortgage is like a nice dress or a suit! It should be tailor made for the person wearing it. Every Client brings a unique package of needs, capacities, and preferences to the table. There is no one size fits all solution. We don’t slip into trade jargon and are always happy to provide answers to issues that may be vexing you. We will tailor make a loan to fit your needs! Every home has a story…Lets write yours!

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