Sherrie Xiao

Loan Factory

Phone: (808) 398-0855

Licensed state: California

About me

Sherrie Xiao is firmly rooted in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. While you might spot her enjoying the outdoors with her daughter, don't let her relaxed demeanor fool you.

With over a decade of experience, Sherrie is the foremost authority in the realm of mortgage lending. Her keen eye allows her to uncover details that others in the industry might miss, enabling her to assist thousands of homeowners in their quest to buy or refinance their homes. Sherrie's passion lies in discovering innovative financing solutions for her clients, no matter how intricate the challenge may be. She combines her unwavering commitment to continuous learning with her wealth of experience and unmatched insights to grasp the intricate factors influencing interest rates.

Through her dedication to staying informed about the latest developments in mortgage lending, cutting-edge technology, and advanced real estate marketing techniques, Sherrie has emerged as an indispensable resource for both homeowners and Realtors alike

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