Farzad MansoorBakht

Loan Factory

Phone: (310) 707-8146

Licensed state: Georgia


About me

Farzad MansoorBakht possesses in-depth knowledge of loan programs, underwriting guidelines, and industry regulations. Given the ever-changing market conditions and mortgage programs, it is crucial to work with a top professional who can provide quick and accurate financial advice. Known for his professionalism and integrity, Farzad excels in assessing clients' financial needs and guiding them through the loan application process. He has a strong ability to build and maintain long-term relationships with clients, financial institutions, and industry professionals. Farzad consistently ensures high customer satisfaction. With a keen eye for detail, he analyzes financial statements and credit histories to determine loan eligibility and structure suitable loan solutions. His ultimate goal is to ensure that clients make the right choice for themselves and their families. Committed to exceptional service and helping clients achieve their financial goals, Farzad MansoorBakht is a trusted Loan Officer. Call or Text today!

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