Ernesto Borunda Jr.

Loan Factory

Phone: (602) 885-8112

Licensed state: California, Arizona

About me

Ernesto Borunda Jr. is a native of Phoenix, Arizona. He has been in lending, banking, financial services since 1991. He loves to be of service to his community. As a Loan Officer with Loan Factory, he works with individuals and families to integrate the mortgage loans they select into their overall financial goals, real property asset accumulation and protection, cash flow management, tax planning, estate planning, while protecting their legacy, passing it on responsibly to future generations. Together with his clients, he builds, develops communities that thrive, contributing to a vibrant future, strengthening families, groups, communities, and organizations. 

When would be the best time for you to review your current real estate portfolio, real estate financing, to be certain you are on track to have the time freedom, financial freedom you deserve and have worked so hard to attain?

We invite you to schedule time with Ernesto and his team to review your goals with him. He can support you in creating a mortgage, real estate finance plan that is custom to you and your family. 

For existing clients, please schedule your Annual Client Review here: 

Ernesto is looking forward to serving you, your family, and your loved ones, one conversation at a time; one individual at a time. 

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!! New potential clients can schedule a Pre-Application Conversation (no obligation, no cost) with Ernesto here: 

Please note: Ernesto is also looking to grow a team of Loan Officers. If you are looking for a solid, experienced mentor to help you serve as many families as possible in your local area, please contact Ernesto directly or schedule a Discovery meeting with him here: 

If you have already completed your loan application and are ready to go shopping with your Trusted Real Estate Consultant, please schedule your Pre-Purchase Consultation with Ernesto here, prior to making any offers to purchase: 

If you are interested in becoming a Trusted Referral Partner for Ernesto and his team, please request a referral introduction from an existing Trusted Referral Partner. If you are not able to receive a referral from an existing Trusted Referral Partner, please schedule a Partnership Exploration Meeting here: 

Thank you for your time, consideration, attention!

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