Our Track Record

  • Closed more than 1200 loans in 2016
  • Over 20 lenders to choose from
  • High-volume pricing from lenders

Our Digital-Mortgage Technology

  • In-house Pricing Engine helps clients find out their customized and real-time rates. Loan Originators can quickly discover the best lender for their client scenario
  • Alert Feature available to both Clients and Originators to help monitor interest rates
  • Loan Originator’s webpage for clients to run quotes, check qualifications, complete an application, and create rate alerts
  • Borrower Portal improves communication and exchanging documents with borrowers

Our Compensation

  • Low in-house processing fee of $500 per loan transaction
  • No monthly desk fee, no per transaction fee
  • No need to purchase software
  • High commission split 80/20

Our Support

  • We offer pre-licensing mortgage loan originator class
  • We provide practical training to newly licensed loan originators
  • We have a Help Desk that can quickly answer questions through phone and email
  • We provide all the support needed to help you succeed